TIFF Still Plans to Have a Physical Festival in 2020

But organizers say "it's definitely going to look different"
TIFF Still Plans to Have a Physical Festival in 2020
Last month, organizers for the Toronto International Film Festival expressed that their 2020 edition is still happening, and some new comments on a potential event structure offer a glimpse at what this year's event might look like.

Today, TIFF executive director and co-head Joana Vicente was asked about plans for the September fest during a live video conference for digital film festival We Are One.

Vicente revealed that like many other major events, TIFF is developing a digital platform, but won't rule out the inclusion of in-person components at this point.

"We're developing, of course, as everyone else, a digital platform for the festival and at the same time we're still planning to have some physical festival," Vicente told the panel [via the Canadian Press].

"It's definitely going to look different," she added. "We're trying to figure out how we can still deliver incredible experiences to our audience, and that's really front and centre."

Vicente's comments echo similar sentiments shared by TIFF artistic director and co-head Cameron Bailey in April. 

"We are absolutely planning for a public festival and a strong industry component," he said. "We are going to follow what happens with public health guidelines, of course, and that will determine more. We hope that by the middle of June, say, we'll be able to make a call [as to] which way we are leaning. But we will deliver a festival this year."