The American Remake of 'People Just Do Nothing' Has Been Cancelled

BY Josiah HughesPublished Jan 14, 2020

People Just Do Nothing, the wonderful BBC mockumentary that succeeded thanks to its highly specific references to U.K. garage music and life in London, was nearly ruined with an American remake. Now, fortunately, the remake has been shelved.

The American version would have ditched the Kurupt FM gang — including MC Grindah, Steves and Beats — in favour of a new set of characters. Specifically, they'd be DJs living in Las Vegas.

At the TCA press tour, Amazon Studios co-head told Deadline that the new version of the show was officially not going forward. It would have starred Jorge Diaz, Eliza Bennett, Andre Hyland, Conner McVicker and Amir Talai.

Meanwhile, after delivering its fifth and final season, the original People Just Do Nothing is currently putting the finishing touches on its debut feature film.

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