The Duneussy Popcorn Bucket Could Be Yours for a Cool $178

Fear is the dick killer

Photo: TikTok user @kult.boy

BY Sydney BrasilPublished Mar 6, 2024

If Julie Ragbeer, the Glasgow Wonka experience or the Kate Middleton BBL conspiracies haven't hit your timeline in the last week or so, the Duneussy certainly has. You know, the popcorn bucket that is most definitely not a fleshlight, but instead a food-consuming vessel shaped like the sandworms in Dune. Well, if all your local theatres are sold out as r/askTO implies, you can get your hands on one for a measly $178 online.

First of all, let's consider this bucket an act of public service. The promotional item made for Dune: Part Two's run in theatres retails for roughly $25 CAD, which is significantly cheaper than most novelty sci-fi *ahem* toys go for. Much like the Stevie Nicks Barbie and those mint green Indie88 sunglasses before it, eBay sellers are price hiking the bucket for all you freaks out there who'd be lying if you said you weren't intrigued.

Many of the ads list the bucket as the Duneussy, which is bonkers, and the average price sits around $80 to $180 CAD. One absolutely delusional person has one up for $1,000. This is truly the worst timeline if Rule 34 has become this accessible (well, to the elites who will pay a 450 percent markup for a popcorn bucket).

Let's ignore how Jungian it is that a large worm meant for riding is now the subject of the internet's favourite vagina joke of the week. How has no marketing team thought of this before? They really dropped the ball on the Teeth (2007) promotional run (if you know, you know).

Beyond popcorn (or any body part besides your hands), here are some of Exclaim!'s recommendations for snacks to put in the Duneussy: Jell-O (for obvious reasons), Hot Cheetos (flamin' like the Atreides Clan’s settlement on Arrakis, hot like the hallucinogenic spice I’d need to stick my hand in the Duneussy, as per our Online Editor) and hot dogs (as our Print Magazine Editor enjoyed at his screening).

Your best bet to get your hands on the Duneussy for a reasonable price in Canada is to check your local Cineplex. That said, Exclaim! is not a publication that's in the business of kink-shaming. Have fun, you freaks!


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