Terrence Malick Is a Huge 'Zoolander' Fan

He also loves the shark movie 'Deep Blue Sea' and the music of Jason Derulo
Terrence Malick Is a Huge 'Zoolander' Fan
After premiering at SXSW, Terrence Malick's music-themed movie Song to Song has not been getting the greatest reviews (and we can see why). Still, despite his uneven output, there are few directors quite as unique as Malick, and that knowledge has been confirmed further with a rare new profile.

Texas Monthly has just released a lengthy, in-depth look at the man behind such films as Badlands and The Tree of Life, and it offers a different side of the director. For example, did you know that Terrence Malick is a massive fan of Zoolander?

Yes, apparently he loves to quote Ben Stiller's famous fashion icon with friends. When learning Malick was a fan, Stiller apparently made him a happy birthday video while dressed as the character.

That's not the only surprise. Malick is also, apparently, a big fan of Deep Blue Sea, the objectively ridiculous LL Cool J shark movie from 1999.

Malick's love of schlocky pop culture goes beyond movies, too. He's apparently a fan of grocery store pop from the likes of Jason Derulo. Sam Pressman, son of Malick's producing partner Ed, recalled the strange music talks he has had with Malick over the years. 

"He'll make these wild associations that really surprise me," Pressman said. "You'll hear him say something like, 'I just heard this Jason Derulo song, "Talk Dirty." I haven't heard a love song like this before.' And you'll think to yourself, 'That's so weird, that's such a shitty pop song.' And then you'll listen to it again and you'll hear this Turkish lick, and you'll say, 'Actually, that seemingly innocuous pop song has something really cool to it.' "

Song to Song, which almost definitely doesn't feature a Jason Derulo cameo, will receive a limited release on March 17.