Tanner Zipchen Claims Cineplex Paid Him in SCENE Points

BY Josiah HughesPublished Feb 15, 2020

For Canada's cinema-going public, the year 2020 got off to a shaky start when it was revealed that Cineplex's beloved Pre-Show host Tanner Zipchen had been let go from his position following the company's acquisition by a British media group. While it's surely a stressful time for him, he may not be missing out on that much pay. After all, the Z-man has alleged that for a time, Cineplex was paying him in SCENE points. 

In a new interview with the Star, Tanner said that when he was first hired on, he was paid in SCENE points and free Cineplex digital movie rentals. He was apparently paid enough SCENE points for one free movie a week. 

"You can't pay a mortgage with SCENE points," Zipchen told the Star. He eventually fought to earn a salary, and had been doing so for three years until being let go in January.

Cineplex denied paying Zipchen in SCENE points, alleging that he had actually agreed to work for them as part of a contest. Zipchen appears to have corroborated this with a pair of tweets:

Here's hoping Tanner's next gig pays in cash. 


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