Tanner Zipchen Has Been Let Go from Cineplex

BY Josiah HughesPublished Jan 13, 2020

The Canadian movie-going experience will officially be changed forever — and arguably for the worse — after news that Cineplex has decided to part ways with their affable Pre-Show host Tanner Zipchen.

The Saskatoon native has been a fixture of Cineplex for years, hosting the Pre-Show where he'd often interview celebrities, as well as gently guide audiences through the complicated yet ultimately rewarding Timeplay segment.

Tanner revealed that he was let go by the theatre chain in a heartbreaking tweet:
While no reason was given, the decision to let Tanner Zipchen go was likely related to the recent acquisition of Cineplex by the British company Cineworld Group, which purchased the company for $2.8 billion.

Now, we'll wait to see where Tanner Z ends up next. Here's hoping his Cineplex job was the real pre-show for something bigger and better for our favourite Saskatonian movie journalist. 

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