'Stranger Things' Gets Its Own Line of Hot Sauces

The sauces were created by 'Hot Ones' collaborators Heatonist

Photo courtesy of Netflix

BY Alex HudsonPublished Nov 7, 2023

The actors' strike continues, as does the wait for Stranger Things' fifth season — but, in the meantime, spice-loving fans of the show can turn their tastebuds upside down with the new line of Stranger Things hot sauces.

Stranger Things has teamed up with Heatonist — the same hot sauce maker and retailer that, in addition to creating its own original sauces, works with Hot Ones to source theirs.

The lineup features three sauces, all named after elements of the shows. Benny's Burgers Hot Sauce is a garlic-heavy concoction with red jalapeños that gets just a 2/10 on the spice scale, while Surfer Boy Pizza Hot Sauce is another red jalapeño sauce incorporating pizza toppings like tomato, olive, green pepper, pineapple and oregano, earning a 3/10 on the spice scale.

The hottest of the bunch, naturally, is the Hellfire Club Hot Sauce, which gets a 6/10 with its mix of mango and Scotch bonnet pepper.

The hot sauces can be ordered here. Meanwhile, Stranger Things fans awaiting a new season will simply have to be patient.

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