​Rose McGowan Shows Off Her "Different Personality" on 'Colbert'

​Rose McGowan Shows Off Her 'Different Personality' on 'Colbert'
Rose McGowan just released her new memoir Brave, and she appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert last night (January 31) to promote it.
The late-night interview was far from conventional, with McGowan coming out in sweats (and denouncing the concept of suits), before sharing a story about getting arrested for "turning on to Courage St."
When Colbert delves into last year's deluge of accusations against Harvey Weinstein, McGowan declares herself the "architect" of the movie mogul's downfall.
She goes on to address the culture at large, saying "I think we can do better societally."
"There's a bus on fire with a madman in a blindfold, and everyone's talking about it like it's nice. It's not nice," she said, before warning viewers to "shake it up."
Colbert was quick to point out that nothing she said was factually incorrect.
McGowan has already addressed the appearance on social media, fighting back against the media's portrayal of her as "bizarre," arguing that she's just done with following the status quo.
See her response and watch the clip in question below.