​Rihanna and Donald Glover Are Up to Something

The pair are rumoured to be filming a movie called 'Guava Island' with 'Atlanta' director Hiro Murai
​Rihanna and Donald Glover Are Up to Something
Photos of Rihanna and Donald Glover on-set have fans speculating about what the pair are working on — and they're excited.
So far, very few details have been released, but both of the multi-talented film and music stars have been at work in Cuba.
According to Cuban magazine Vistar, they're working with Atlanta/"This Is America" director Hiro Murai on a film called Guava Island.
Fan accounts have been sharing photos on social media, and you can take a peek at some of those below, while we wait for more information on the upcoming project.

Rihanna's latest big screen appearance was in Ocean's 8, while Glover recently starred as Lando Calrissian in Solo: A Star Wars Story.
Glover's rap persona Childish Gambino was also recently added to the list of performers at Rihanna's upcoming Diamond Ball charity event.