Rachel Zeffira's 'Elizabeth Harvest' Score Gets Soundtrack Release

The album by the Cat's Eyes member will arrive via Invada
Rachel Zeffira's 'Elizabeth Harvest' Score Gets Soundtrack Release
Rachel Zeffira most notably rose to fame as one-half of Cat's Eyes, but the forward-thinking Canadian artist is breaking away from her project with the Horrors' Faris Badwan for a new soundtrack.

On January 25, Zeffira will release her score to the new sci-fi thriller Elizabeth Harvest via Invada Records.

The film itself was directed by Sebastian Gutierrez, and according to a product description, Zeffira's score "contains elements of all of her musical influences, from her choral and orchestral arranging to her oboe solos and contemporary songwriting."

It continues: "Erik Satie's sarabande becomes an underlying musical theme, which gradually becomes more unhinged as the score progresses. Other characters feature yet more experimental themes, where pieces were chopped, rebuilt and manipulated."

This isn't Zeffira's first foray into the world of film music, with Cat's Eyes penning the beloved soundtrack to Peter Strickland's The Duke of Burgundy in 2014.

According to the synopsis, the Elizabeth Harvest film itself is about the following:

Elizabeth Harvest is a stylised sci-fi thriller, gothic love story and existential mystery which follows newlywed Eizabeth (Abbey Lee) and her brilliant scientist husband (Ciaran Hinds) and their magnificent mountain estate. Slowly, Elizabeth begins to realise she may no be exactly who she thinks she is. The truth and its repercussions are beyond anything she could have imagined.

Down below, you can see the tracklist to the album, while the cover art is above. Also down below, you'll find a sampler of the soundtrack, as well as the film trailer.

Elizabeth Harvest OST:

1. Red Mist (Part 1)

2. Through the Corridors (At Dusk)

3. Erik Satie – Sarabande No.3 (Excerpt 1)

4. Erik Satie – Sarabande No.3 (Excerpt 2)

5. Crack the Code (Part 1)

6. Going to the Sun

7. Crack the Code (Part 2)

8. Cold Stone Floor

9. The Confidante

10. Crack the Code (Part 3)

11. The Host

12. Through the Corridors (At Dawn)

13. Chamber

14. Piano Concerto in E Minor

15. Going to the Sun (Flute Solo)

16. Satie's Sarabande (Tilt-a-Whirl Version)

17. No Words Formed

18. The Mirror

19. Ricochet

20. Fountain

21. The Host 2

22. The Mirror Dance

23. Red Mist (Part 2)

24. The Promise

25. A Secret World of Our Own