​Luke from 'Gilmore Girls' Is Actually Developing His Own Brand of Coffee

BY Sarah MurphyPublished Jun 28, 2017

Coffee was an integral source of energy for the titular mother-daughter team of Lorelai and Rory on Gilmore Girls, and fans even got to experience their own cup of joe from Luke's Diner at pop-up shops in conjunction with the launch of last year's Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. Now, the actor who portrays the flannel-wearing, coffee-slinging curmudgeon Luke Danes is launching his very own brand of java.
Yes, actor (and part-time blues rocker) Scott Patterson is taking his onscreen diner experience and translating it to real life. In a recent interview with WealthManagement.com, he revealed, "I'm developing my own coffee brand. We're almost ready to launch, but we want to have our ducks in a row before we come out with it."
"Quality coffee is something that I am obsessed with," he continued. "It's the thing I look forward to every morning and throughout the day and throughout the evening and now throughout the middle of the night."
According to the actor, the caffeinated company will go by the name "Scotty P's Big Mug Coffee."
It doesn't exactly roll off the tongue, but hopefully it will taste better than it sounds. After all, it can't be that hard to develop something better tasting than the A Year in the Life product placement.

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