The Guy Who Plays Luke on 'Gilmore Girls' Has a New Blues Rock Band

The Guy Who Plays Luke on 'Gilmore Girls' Has a New Blues Rock Band
Thanks to its forthcoming Netflix revamp, Stars Hollow fans are gobbling up all of the Gilmore Girls paraphernalia they can. If you've finished listening to the sweet sounds of Hep Alien, however, maybe it's time for some gruff blues rock courtesy of gruff cafe owner Luke Danes.

Scott Patterson, the actor who breathes life into Luke's Lorelai-loving character, has formed a new group called GORDON. As per the group's website, the project "is a power blues/rock group that has already garnered rave reviews after just three concerts."

Further, we're told the group is "influenced by the iconic, big arena sound of the early seventies," offering "big beats and passionate vocals along with heartfelt ballads." Be sure to consider booking them for your corporate events and private parties.

While they've yet to deliver a full studio recording (the group's Facebook page mentions "first contact" is coming in October), GORDON already has a whole schwack of branded merch, complete with their own CBGB-inspired logo. All of the gear is detailed in a video below, and can be ordered here. For only $75 USD extra, you can also have Scott Patterson autograph your item.

Further, you can watch Luke Danes belt out some bluesy growls and some slick picking with an acoustic guitar in a batch of videos below.

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life will hit Netflix on November 25.