Little Nicky

Steve Brill

BY Chris GramlichPublished Nov 17, 2016

There is simply no way around it – "Little Nicky" is a bad movie, even for Adam Sandler. Not bad is in the street lexicon definition of the word, but bad as in horrendous, horrible, hideous and a bunch of other adjectives that start with h. (Hellish? Hapless? Hoity-toity, no.) Even applying the patented Sandler formula, "Nicky" is garbage.

The formula is as follows: Adam Sandler will always play a loveable loser in the beginning of his movies. Adam Sandler will always be confronted with a situation that forces him to overcome himself and emerge as a stronger and better Sandler. Adam Sandler always gets the girl, not at first but eventually. This is very important; Sandler will always get the girl! Sandler will always win in the end, always! Adam Sandler will always plays Adam Sandler, plus or minus facial ticks and bad accents. A + B + C – D x E = "Happy Gilmore," "Billy Madison," "The Waterboy," "The Wedding Singer," and "Big Daddy." Even keeping in mind that "Happy Gilmore" may just be the best movie ever made about golf, it is impossible to bestow the mantle of great on a Sandler film, and it's only getting worse the bigger he becomes.

The plot, if there is such a thing… Nicky is the son of the Satan (Harvey Keitel), Nicky has two evil brothers (Rhys Ifans and Tommy "Tiny" Lister Jr.), Nicky is not evil, but he likes metal, which is perfectly acceptable. Nicky's brothers abuse him; Nicky's brothers escape from Hell after not being picked to fill the big chair. Nicky's dad starts to decay, Nicky goes to Earth to recapture his brothers and save his dad. Along the way Nicky meets a talking dog, the inevitable love interest (Patricia Arquette) and a plethora of other strange characters - after all, it is New York. The rest writes itself.

Being a Sandler movie, "Little Nicky" is filled with juvenile humour (which was funnier the first five times he used it), bad acting and many a cameo. Even Ozzy Osbourne is in it. Ozzy! But if you've seen one Sandler movie you've seen them all and it's no different here. Usually Sandler makes the journey towards the inevitable conclusion slightly amusing, but this time it's predictable, boring and commits the ultimate sin; it's not funny.

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