Kevin Smith Is Officially Working on a 'Mallrats' Sequel

It's called 'Twilight of the Mallrats'
Kevin Smith Is Officially Working on a 'Mallrats' Sequel
Last year was a big one for Kevin Smith. After all, among other things, he celebrated the 10 year anniversary of his disgusting "brown area" sex tweet. While we now await its big 20th celebration, Smith has opted to revisit another piece of his career — he's finally writing a Mallrats sequel.

Smith, who has simultaneously been working on Clerks 3 for years, announced that he's finally putting pen to paper on a new Mallrats movie. The flick will apparently be called Twilight of the Mallrats.

Smith added that he's still working on Clerks 3, and he hasn't yet decided which one will go into production first. Either way, the 2020s can expect more new movies from Smith as he continues to "pOwn" the movie biz.

Check out his post below.

2019 was seriously one of the best years of my life! So many of my dreams came true this year, as well as a few big things too dazzling to even dare dream about! From the return of @jayandsilentbob, to having my career literally cemented at the legendary @chinesetheatres, to Clerks being accepted into the @librarycongress - 2019 kept giving and giving! Sooooo glad I didn't drop dead back in 2018, because I would've missed all the stuff I listed with my pic. Thank you to everyone who supported the #jayandsilentbob #rebootroadshow Tour: we've made over 3 million bucks from our 2 @fathomevents screenings and the 37 cities we've visited so far (Tour resumes January 10th in Oakland for another 25 cities through Feb 26). Many thanks for powering my dopey dream of reopening the Askewniverse and making me and @jaymewes feel so welcomed in all your towns and cities! It's gonna be hard for 2020 to measure up to 2019 - but I'm off to a fun start by writing stuff for Brodie Bruce & Co. to say in the new script I'm calling TWILIGHT OF THE MALLRATS! The CLERKS III script is also underway, so we'll see which flick will be my first film of the roaring 20's! But tonight, I end the year like I always do - standing on the stage at the @hollywoodimprov with @ralphgarman, making BABBLE until the Ball drops (a few tix left at the link in my bio)! It was a decade that began badly with COP OUT and the TOO FAT TO FLY incident. The decade of the Red State Tour, @tuskthemovie and @yogahosers! It was the decade in which I almost died of a massive heart attack, and the decade where I went Vegan and got down to my high school weight! Who knows what the next decade holds in store for us - but I'm ready to turn the page and find out! Happy New Year, my friends! (Jedi Kev piece by @giovanni_hollywood2008.) #KevinSmith #newyearseve #2019

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