Jeremy Renner Reflects on Near-Death Accident as He Returns to Work: "I Even Broke My Taint"

He says he developed a photographic memory and better eyesight while healing

Photo: Eva Rinaldi

BY Alex HudsonPublished May 20, 2024

On New Year's Day 2023, Jeremy Renner was nearly killed in a snowplow accident, when he was run over by a huge snowcat. Now that he's returned to work, he has reflected on his near-death encounter — which he says resulted in a broken taint.

Speaking with the Los Angeles Times, he said that he had suffered 38 broken bones — including his taint. (Yes, the bit underneath that "taint yer balls and taint yer asshole.") "The doctor said I even broke my taint," Renner said. "How do you break a taint?"

He has made an incredible recovery from his injuries and returned to set in January to film a new season of the Paramount+ thriller Mayor of Kingstown. Aside from needing to stretch and exercise in between takes, and occasionally falling asleep mid-scene because he became tired, it he was mostly able to work as normal.

Curiously, he said he has now developed a photographic memory since his accident, which helped with learning lines. He also has better vision in the eye that popped out of his skull due to a shattered eye socket than he does in the eye that didn't.

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