Jane Fonda Just Got Arrested for the Third Time This Month

And this time Ted Danson came with her
Jane Fonda Just Got Arrested for the Third Time This Month
As part of her weekly "Fire Drill Fridays" protest, Jane Fonda has been arrested yet again on Capitol Hill for "unlawful demonstration."

Fonda and her friend, actor Ted Danson, were taken away by police earlier today. The two were in Washington protesting climate change among roughly 100 other protestors. As part of the demonstration, the protestors are demanding the passage of the Green New Deal. The two actors gave speeches in the capital before their arrests.

This marks Fonda's third arrest so far in relation to her weekly climate protest. Last week, she was taken into custody alongside her Frankie and Grace costar Sam Waterson. Her protests and subsequent arrests began on October 11.

Fonda plans to continue demonstrating — and being arrested — until early January.

Speaking with the Washington Post earlier this month, Fonda detailed her weekly protest for climate change. "I'm going to take my body, which is kind of famous and popular right now because of the [television] series and I'm going to go to D.C. and I'm going to have a rally every Friday," she said. "It'll be called 'Fire Drill Friday.' And we're going to engage in civil disobedience and we're going to get arrested every Friday."

Watch videos of today's arrests below.