Jackass 3.5 [Blu-Ray]

Jeff Tremaine

BY Philip BrownPublished Jun 9, 2011

Jackass 3.5 is exactly what you'd expect ― the thing might be almost 90 minutes long, but it's essentially a feature-length collection of deleted scenes. That's not to say there isn't some hilarious content ― watching Steve-O get bit by a snapping turtle or Ryan Dunn launch a rocket powered dildo at Bam Margera's ass are still pretty funny ― but the whole project is clearly a cash grab. This is all b-roll footage that should have been relegated to the special features section of Jackass 3D. The deleted material has been combined with behind-the-scenes interviews to make it feature-length, but that only serves to make 3.5 feel even more like a special feature. I guess Paramount gets away with it because this is a cheap, straight-to-home-video quickie. But given the fact that Jackass 3D petered out towards the end, it's a shame that some of this footage wasn't included to spice up the actual film. Instead, it was saved to pry a few more dollars from people who like to watch idiots hurt themselves in the privacy of their homes. The 3.5 disc also features additional outtakes and deleted scenes, which are a little redundant, but there you go. The best part of the whole package is the 40-minute documentary about the origins of Jackass. Hearing the cast and crew explain how the show came together and how they came up with some of the most famous stunts is hysterical. Now that they guys are older, they can wax nostalgic about hitting each other in the nuts and there's something oddly sweet and funny about seeing that perspective on the Jackass phenomenon. To be honest, it would have been a better idea for Paramount to just make a feature-length documentary about Jackass, with the 3.5 material relegated to the special features section like it always should have been. Still, if you're dying to watch a midget get hit by a bull, there's no other place to see it legally than in Jackass 3.5. I guess that's enough to justify this home video release for the sickos out there. It isn't much, but it's something.
(Paramount Pictures)

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