Here's Everything Hitting Netflix Canada in November

Here's Everything Hitting Netflix Canada in November
Soon, everyone will have Halloween — and Stranger Things Season 2 — out of their systems, and will finally be able to look forward to a new month of binge-watching Netflix.

Since you're punishing your eyeballs and glutes with hours upon hours of screen time, the best place to start will be Marvel's The Punisher. The long-awaited entry into Netflix's Marvel contributions will kick off on November 17.

If you've been gripped by sexy Archie and his sexy, sexy friends, you'll undoubtedly already know that new episodes of Riverdale Season 2 continue to drop on a weekly basis each Thursday. Its accompanying CW show Dynasty will similarly hit Netflix each week. 

Fans of Maria Bamford's out-there comedy Lady Dynamite will surely be stoked to revisit the show when it drops a second season on November 10. Further, a new season of The Trailer Park Boys (the final to feature Jim Lahey) will drop on November 24.

Other Netflix original series include The Big Family Cooking Showdown (November 3), Fate/Apocrypa (November 7), Longmire (November 17), Shot in the Dark (November 17), Godless (November 22), She's Gotta Have It (November 23), The Many Faces of Ito (November 24), Glitch Season 2(November 28) and Good Morning Call Season 2 (November 28). 

Netflix is aggressively ramping up its original movie content, too. In November, the service will drop their fest favourite Mudbound (November 17) along with The Killer (November 10) and A Christmas Prince (November 17).

As for comedy specials, Netflix is hardly slowing down with Mea Culpa on November 10, Deray Davis: How to Act Black on November 14 and Brian Regan: Nunchucks and Flamethrowers on November 21. Then there are the documentaries, with Netflix set to deliver Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond... on November 17, Saving Capitalism on November 21 and Cuba and the Cameraman on November 24.

Despite Netflix's apparent goal to produce all of the world's streaming media, they're still streaming plenty of non-exclusive content too. That includes A Walk in the Woods (November 1), Greenleaf Season 2 (November 1), I Am Bolt (November 1), In a Valley of Violence (November 1), In the Heart of the Sea (November 1), Logan (November 1), Office Christmas Party (November 1), The DUFF (November 1), The Matrix (November 1), Gold (November 10), Scandal Season 7 (November 10) and Bushwick (November 23).

Of course, as with all things in life, you can't have good things without facing some sort of loss. In the world of Netflix, that means saying goodbye to some streaming titles. You've only got until November 1 to watch O Brother, Where Art Thou?The Sixth SenseTroy, Season 1 of The Returned and Season 3 of The Killing. Then you need to watch Mission: Impossible 5 by November 13, The Seven Five by November 14, Bridge of Spies by November 17 and Magic Mike XXL by November 20. Remember when you used to have a life? Neither do we.