Ethan Hawke Rode a Greyhound Bus to TIFF 2023

"Three flights cancelled, then I was like, 'I'm not gonna miss this because of some airport'"

BY Ben OkazawaPublished Sep 25, 2023

Actor/director Ethan Hawke revealed that he rode a Greyhound bus for 10 hours overnight from New York City to Toronto in order to attend the TIFF screening for his new movie Wildcat

The very vocal Billy Bishop Airport enthusiast said that he wasn't sure he'd make it after bad weather derailed his flight plans.

"Three flights cancelled, then I was like, 'I'm not gonna miss this because of some airport'," Ethan said, flanked on the red carpet by his daughter, star of Wildcat, and former Exclaim! cover alum Maya Hawke. "So, I went to port authority and hopped the bus." 

Naturally, the internet went into a frenzy at the thought of a movie star riding the night bus. 

However, despite his recognizability from movies like Training DayBoyhood, and the Before trilogy, Hawke says that nobody approached him on the bus ride. 

"Man, nobody cares about anybody else on the bus ... nobody's comfortable ... I just read my book and disappeared in the back and prayed that we made it." 

Make it he did, just in time to promote Wildcat, which stars Maya portraying late American writer Flannery O'Connor as she attempts to publish her first book.

Although the Writers' Guild of America (WGA) was still on strike at the time, the Hawkes were able to be at TIFF due to being granted an interim agreement as an independent production. However, earlier today, WGA reached a tentative deal with the Hollywood studios, potentially bringing their months-long protest to a close. 

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