Disney+ Has 10 New 'Star Wars' Shows Coming and 10 from Marvel

This includes the Lucasfilm shows 'Ahsoka Tano,' 'Rangers of the New Republic,' 'A Droid Story,' 'Lando' and 'The Mandalorian' Season 3
Disney+ Has 10 New 'Star Wars' Shows Coming and 10 from Marvel
With movie theatres facing a very Blockbuster-like future, it's all hands on deck for streaming service like Disney+, which today announced it's lining up 10 new Star Wars series and 10 more Marvel series. Yes, you read that right — 10 new shows from each, including the newly announced Star Wars series Ashsoka Tano, Rangers of the New Republic, and the R2D2 and C3PO series A Droid Story.

Today Disney said that it's developing at least 35 new titles from Lucasfilm, Marvel Studios, Disney Animation and Pixar Animation, with plans to roll them out in 2021.

As Variety reports, Disney's new distribution chief, Kareem Daniel, made the ambitious reveal during the Disney Investor Day presentation today, saying 10 new Star Wars series and 10 new Marvel series are incoming, as well as 15 Disney and Pixar Animation series.

As for the new Star Wars shows, today it was confirmed during the presentation that we'd get the new series Ahsoka Tano and The Rangers of the New Republic. And already, we have heard rumblings of several more, including one focused on Obi-Wan Kenobi with Ewan McGregor, which will now also include Hayden Christensen returning as Anakin (a.k.a. Darth Vader).

Then there's the Rogue One prequel series focusing on Diego Luna's Cassian Andor and a female-centric series from Russian Doll's Leslye Headland. Plus there's the now confirmed Lando Calrissian series, which today was confirmed to be getting helmed by Dear White People creator Justin Simien. Unfortunately, though, there was not mention today of Donald Glover taking the lead role.

On top of all that, Disney confirmed The Mandalorian Season 3 would be back at Christmas 2021.

As for Marvel, Disney+ has confirmed a bunch of them too, including WandaVision, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Loki, What If…?, Ms. Marvel, Hawkeye, Moon Knight and She-Hulk. Plus there's some Nick Fury series in the works with Samuel L. Jackson.

So yeah, if you're worried about running out of content to mindless stream, you can rest easy.