Denis Villeneuve Reveals Zendaya Will Lead Part 2 of 'Dune'

Denis Villeneuve Reveals Zendaya Will Lead Part 2 of 'Dune'
There is simply always more Dune. Though the first instalment of Denis Villeneuve's two-part Dune adaptation hasn't even hit theatres yet, the director has revealed that the second film will find Zendaya in the role of the main protagonist. 

In an interview La Repubblica [translated by IGN], Villeneuve spoke about casting Zendaya's Chani and how he "can't wait" to shoot the second instalment. 

"When I did the casting for Chani's character, I met a lot of actresses," the filmmaker said. "Zendaya wanted to audition and, today, after shooting the film and seeing what a wonderful actress she is, I'm sorry I auditioned her. It was just because I didn't know her. However, that day she impressed me, and when she left the studio I knew that Chani was her, the young desert tiger."

He continued: "I am honoured to present two such explosive talents on-screen [Timothée Chalamet and Zendaya] and I can't wait to shoot the second part of Dune to get them back together. Knowing that in the next chapter Zendaya will be the protagonist of the story."

Zendaya will star alongside Chalamet, who plays the main protagonist, Paul Atreides, in the first part. They are joined by Josh Brolin, Javier Bardem, Oscar IsaacJason Momoa, Sharon Duncan-Brewster and Rebecca Ferguson.

Dune will arrive in theatres on October 22.