Billie Eilish Designs Official Logo for 2028 Olympics

So did Reese Witherspoon
Billie Eilish Designs Official Logo for 2028 Olympics
The 2020 Olympics aren't happening this year, but it's already time to get excited about the 2028 Olympics, right?! They will be in Los Angeles, and the Olympic committee has rounded up notable names to design official logos for the upcoming games — including Billie Eilish and Reese Witherspoon.

LA28 has now unveiled its logo, but with a twist. According to the committee, "No one illustration could express all that Los Angeles and the Games represent."

With that in mind, they've gotten special logo contributions from various Olympic athletes, a few artists and designers, some members of the public, and aforementioned celebs Eilish and Witherspoon.

The contributors didn't have completely free rein — they each designed only the "A" in the LA28 logo.

In a video about her logo, Eilish said, "The font is the font that I use for my logo, and who knows if that's going to be relevant in my life in eight years, but I have this whole thing about not wanting to please my past self of my future self. It's all about pleasing your present self. I don't know what my life is going to be like in eight years, but I'm really just looking forward to the future."

Below, check out the logo designs by Eilish and Witherspoon. Also check out the aforementioned video of Eilish explaining her logo.