'Atlanta' Season 3 Will Air in the "First Half of 2022"

The fourth season of Donald Glover's acclaimed show is currently in production

Photo: @donaldglover (Instagram)

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Aug 13, 2021

Production on the third season of Donald Glover's Atlanta began this past April, and FX Networks has now offered an update on when the anticipated batch of new episodes could air.

Deadline notes that during the network's Television Critics Association (TCA) presentation today, FX chairman John Landgraf shared that Glover's series, which also stars Lakeith StanfieldZazie Beetz and Brian Tyree Henry, is expected to have its third season air in early 2022.

"We haven't locked down the scheduling for Season 3 yet as it just finished shooting — it's shot primarily in Europe," Landgraf shared. "It's in post-production and it's a lengthy post-production process, and part of that is because they're currently in production of Season 4 in Atlanta. All the scripts for that season have been written, and I absolutely adore the scripts for both seasons."

Landgraf added: "The reason I can't lock down a date right now is that it's being driven by Donald Glover and Hiro Murai's schedule and availability and the length of [post-production], both for Season 3 while in the process of producing Season 4. I did list it as one of the things coming back in the first half of 2022, that is our anticipation. I think we'll be able to lock down an actual date for [season 3] and maybe for both cycles within the next couple of months."

It was revealed in early 2020 that both the third and fourth seasons of Atlanta would be shot at the same time, taking Glover and co. to Europe, where they shot in both Paris and Amsterdam.

Atlanta's second season, which featured 11 episodes, aired back in 2018. Late last year, Glover teased that the forthcoming crop of episodes were going to be the best television since The Sopranos.

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