WTF: Is Rob Schneider Woke Now?

WTF: Is Rob Schneider Woke Now?
A lot of bizarre things have happened in America over the last few weeks. After they elected a reality show star, the country has been in a topsy-turvy state of affairs. Who could have expected that right-wing nutjob Glenn Beck would now be denouncing the alt-right and dressing like a parody of a "hipster" from 2008? Adding to the strange things afoot, Adam Sandler BFF and star of The Hot Chick Rob Schneider has emerged as a woke political commentator.

On his Twitter, the comedian best known for saying "you can do it" a bunch of times in The Waterboy has revealed a deep understanding of America's political climate.

Even leading up the election, he was dropping truth bombs on his fans:

Despite the prevalent view that Donald Trump represents racism and misogyny, Schneider echoed Michael Moore's sentiments that the American people were attempting to disrupt the establishment:

Since then, he's acknowledged and condemned the racist rhetoric that has come from the Republican party:

Most recently, he's been tweeting platitudes of encouragement for the downtrodden:

That said, he's still critical of his fellow celebs who fail to acknowledge the hypocrisy of the Democrats:

Whether you agree with him or not, there's no denying that it's strange to see our favourite male gigolo get all Glenn Greenwald about the election. Maybe someone should give him his own political talkshow. After all, he can do it... all night long!

Thanks to Twitter user Bloodhail for the tip.