Tom Green Says He's Recording a New Album in His Van

He'll be broadcasting his postcast and recording music on a solo trip with his dog

BY Alex HudsonPublished Sep 14, 2020

Once known for putting his bum on the rail (among other things), Canadian comedy legend Tom Green is hitting the road — but not for a live tour. Rather, he will be recording an album in his van.

Today, Green shared a YouTube video of his morning piano practice, in which he plays a 12-bar blues on a stately white grand piano. In the description, he wrote, "Only about a week or so away from getting my new van and taking off on the road with my puppy Charley. Really excited to bring you guys along on the trip with me. I've been doing a lot of work behind the scenes getting the studio ready to put in the van. I will be broadcasting my podcast from the road and recording a music album from the van."

Green has been learning to play piano during the pandemic, and he's been posting practice videos on YouTube. It's not totally clear if his album will consist of keyboard work, or if it will be more along the lines of his '90s/'00s rap career.

Meanwhile, Green — who thankfully isn't dead, despite his fans' concerns — has cancelled all live dates due to the pandemic. Watch his bluesy piano practice below.

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