Tom Green Mistaken for Dead After Passing Out During Livestream

BY Allie GregoryPublished Apr 28, 2020

A bunch of Tom Green fans had a scare last night (April 27) when they mistook the comedian for dead after he fell asleep at his desk while broadcasting on Instagram Live.

According to a clip obtained by TMZ, Green's livestream went awry when he passed out in the middle of recording. Viewers became concerned when he became visibly unconscious and contacted his friend Harland Williams to check in on him.

Williams is seen in the video waking up a surprised Green, after climbing a ladder over a fence to Tom's back door. TMZ reports that a concerned fan also called the cops to check on Green, but he had already woken up by the time they arrived.

While broadcasting in another livestream earlier today, Green assured viewers that his nap was not some elaborate prank to convince fans he might have died — but who knows for sure?

The comedian plans to do another livestream this evening "sometime around sunset" in Los Angeles. Tune in here to see if he catches some more shut-eye on live.

See his proof-of-life post below.

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