Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell Surprise Late-Night Hosts by Pulling a Switcheroo

The Jimmys didn't know what hit 'em
Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell Surprise Late-Night Hosts by Pulling a Switcheroo
Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel were both slightly gobsmacked last night (November 10) when the guests slated to appear on their respective late-night talk shows — Hollywood heavyweights Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell — decided to play swapsies on The Tonight Show and Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Let's face it, the press tour routine must get old pretty fast. So the pair of actors — promoting their respective projects, Ferrell's Apple TV+ series The Shrink Next Door and Reynolds' Netflix film Red Notice — each showed up for the other's appearance. They struck up the plan completely unbeknownst to the TV hosts until they walked out onstage in each other's place.

Ever professional, both Jimmys obviously had specific questions prepared for the guests they were expecting to show up. It was up to Ferrell to inform Kimmel on his wife Blake Lively's oatmeal cooking skills were progressing, as well as what his three daughters dressed up as for Halloween (spoiler alert: at least two were Deadpool).

Meanwhile, Reynolds tried to explain the plot of The Shrink Next Door, which apparently falls somewhere between Ant-Man and Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, alongside congratulating co-star Paul Rudd on being named People's Sexiest Man Alive and theorizing how he maintains his youthful glow (another spoiler alert: being unproblematic).

Now we just need Kimmel and Fallon to trade shows. Or maybe let someone not named Jimmy host a show? If that's not asking too much, of course.

Watch Reynolds and Ferrell's respective press appearances in each other's place below.

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