Wild Eyes

BY Branan RanjanathanPublished Apr 21, 2015

The most dynamic hardcore bands share a crucial commonality; they know not to linger in one sonic space. HOUNDS have delivered a potent set of songs with Wild Eyes, but would benefit greatly in being altogether more concise.
The influence of producer and Cancer Bats guitarist Scott Middleton is apparent through the EP; many of the cycling power chord progressions and subtle Southern influences found on "Thanks" are reminiscent of his own band, as is the use of a single guitar to add to the stripped-down punk atmosphere. Wild Eyes' greatest strength is found in the versatility of the vocals, demonstrated best on "Sermons," as they shift between feral shouts and the melodic half-scream comparable to that of Comeback Kid.
The critical flaw of this album is the pacing: as they blast through all of their songs, HOUNDS' brash energy slowly dissipates over the course of this six-song EP.
(New Damage)

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