Yy Hold the Fort Down

"What kind of a name is big y, little y?” asks label-head Mcenroe during his guest raps on "Dumb It Down,” the sarcastically simple serving to basic MCs. Hold the Fort Down, the half-hour solo debut by Your Brother In My Backpack’s Yy (pronounced Yie, rhymes with tie), should make that a much more frequently asked question. Not only does he work his name into the hook of "Yy,” but along with "Me,” "Back It Up” and "There’s An Era In Your History,” he breaks down his life with some boastful bragging that remains mostly believable. But he also gets deeper. "Take as You Will,” with YBIMBP compatriot the Gumshoe Strut, speaks out on the very Canadian subject of the mistreatment of the aboriginal peoples, while "Gunned Down” is a critique of crooked politics and politicians with hidden agendas. And on "Lil’ Tikes,” Yy opens up about life after the birth of his first daughter in a unique and interesting manner. The Gumshoe Strut and Mcenroe share credit for the superb production that focuses on soothing instruments like the piano and cello on "Lil’ Tikes,” or the violin, piano and wind instrument on "Gunned Down.” Then there’s the hypnotising lullaby of "Dumb It Down” and the carnival party of "Yy.” Hold the Fort Down is a nice-sized platter of Peanuts & Corn, and when it’s all over, you’re left with what just might be the best P&C release yet. (Peanuts & Corn)