​Yukon Blonde Rifflandia, Victoria BC, September 17

​Yukon Blonde Rifflandia, Victoria BC, September 17
Photo: Lindsey Blane
Hailing from Kelowna and now based in Vancouver, Yukon Blonde took the Main Stage on the last day of Rifflandia (September 18) during a spot of sunshine on an otherwise rainy day. Yukon Blonde's sweet brand of synth-pop alt-rock was a welcome reprieve from the dreary day, as the upbeat notes of "Confused" poured across the park.
There's something you want to love about Yukon Blonde, a band that actively applauded the sun coming out for their set, and whose sunny disposition matches their energetic output. On a coast whose musicians have cornered (and overdone) laidback, washed out alt-rock, Yukon Blonde have separated themselves by continuously reinventing themselves and their sound.
Their latest sound has a distinct freshness to it, as evidenced by "Emotional Blackmail," where they played with underlying synth riffs that border on orchestral while mingling with guitar twang and blissful melodies. The synth is an interesting addition to their performances, but while it does add a new layer, a lot of their tracks could easily do without it. That aside, Yukon Blonde delivered a memorable performance, on point with the swelling mood of the crowd.

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