YOB Our Raw Heart

YOB Our Raw Heart
YOB return with their eighth studio record Our Raw Heart; a culmination of loss and new beginnings, this record is a celebration of everything YOB.
The album opens with "Ablaze" and "The Screen," which start right where their previous record left off. The songs are full of melodic vocals and punishing riffs that recall "In Our Blood" and "Unmask the Spectre" from Clearing the Path to Ascend. Even with the band becoming elder statesmen of the genre, they can still write heavy riffs with the best of them.
This album really comes into its own with "Beauty in Falling Leaves" and "Our Raw Heart." These tracks fully embrace the folk elements that the band have become so good at incorporating. These tracks are lush and full of beautiful droning guitar layers that are an unrelenting combination of both dissonant and major chord movements. What was once seen as initially bizarre in the doom genre is now YOB's trademark.
Overall, this is YOB in their purest form. No tricks, no gimmicks, and of course, no bullshit. YOB is comfortable in their own skin, and making their most honest music to date with Our Raw Heart. (Relapse)