The Yips Arts Court, Ottawa ON, August 22

The Yips Arts Court, Ottawa ON, August 22
Photo: Kamara Morozuk
It might take a bit of guesswork to determine what the Yips mean when identifying themselves as a "Ouija rock" act, but their gritty, driving sonics were able to shake the spirits of those in attendance right to the core. Vocalist Keri Carisse's soulful vocal tone walked a thin line between smooth and spirited, soaring above the fuzzy twin guitar riffing from Zach Lebert and Jon Schofield. A rhythm section anchored by bassist Kurt Rafuse and drummer Jon Bennett showed incredible poise and stamina, roaring white-knuckled through the group's fast-paced material with impressive control.

Perhaps "Ouija rock" is exactly what it sounds like — a brand of the genre to be used as a spiritual guide in uncovering and exploring the rest of Ottawa's sudden garage rock uprising. For those looking to delve a bit deeper into such a movement, the Yips serve as a worthy place to start.

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