The Yips "Point Dume" (video)

The Yips 'Point Dume' (video)
Ottawa outfit the Yips released their Air Loom EP earlier this year via hometown label Bruised Tongue, they've released a video for the song "Point Dume."

The Yips describe themselves as a band that plays "Ouija rock," and while that may be hard to understand at first, it sort of makes sense — here, their garage attack is countered with a spooky, vague creepiness that adds some welcome post-punk elements to the sound.

For the excellent "Point Dume," the group have put together an excellent clip. Directed by Travis Boisvenue, the clip follows a young girl as she examines what looks like a trap made of string in the forest. There are also open flames, and plenty of quick edits. It's abstract, but also feels like it possesses a strange narrative.

Watch the video for "Point Dume" below.