Xavier Omär and Sango

Moments Spent Loving You

BY A. HarmonyPublished Nov 4, 2019

Longtime collaborators Xavier Omär and Sango return with the followup to 2015's Hours Spent Loving You just in time for cuffing season. While it indeed offers a few cozy songs that are perfect for cold-weather cuddling, overall, the project comes and goes with little pizzazz.
The compact Moments Spent Loving You is certainly good background noise for a comfy night in: Omär's sweet vocals and simple melodies blend in with Sango's moody, fluid beats as seamlessly as they always do. Day one fans will appreciate tender tracks like "Thief" and "Deep End," and brooding, emotional cuts like "Veins." The album's closer, "The Risk," offers a dose of Omär's signature endearing vulnerability and will win the heart of every hopeless romantic.
But still, Moments falters slightly in its sameness — the singer/producer duo don't offer anything fresh or interesting enough to truly stand out. For better and worse, the album sees the duo doing what they do best and sticking to safe, sometimes forgettable love songs that shy away from pushing creative boundaries. It's a decent album that could have been great with just a little innovation.

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