The Wrens "Three Types of Reading Ambiguity" (outtake)

The Wrens 'Three Types of Reading Ambiguity' (outtake)
Are you excited to hear the Wrens' long-awaited new album? Well, this song won't be on it. The slow-moving New Jersey indie rock band have promised that their new LP is finally done, and now they've shared an outtake called "Three Types of Reading Ambiguity."

This isn't actually a stand-alone song. Rather, it's a 77-second extract from a much longer track. The band wrote on SoundCloud, "Another to end on the cutting room floor, unmixed. Nixing this middle section shaves over a minute off the song and brings it down to a more presentable AM-radio-hit length of a mere 8 minutes."

What we've got is a pleasantly woozy rock tune with acoustic strums, clean electric licks and bleary melodies. It holds up on its own, although it ends rather abruptly and we're interested to hear the rest of the song.

Listen below, and stay tuned for the Wrens' new album to finally emerge.