The Wrens To Begin Recording New Album

The Wrens To Begin Recording New Album
While patience isn't required to be a Wrens fan, it certainly helps. The last full-length from these New Jersey alt-rock survivors hit nearly six years ago (the much adored The Meadowlands). And the band's previous effort, Secaucus, was released in 1996. However, all the patient waiting may again soon pay off.

This week, the Wrens announced they would soon begin recording their fourth album proper and, if everything goes to plan, release the Meadowlands follow-up sometime in 2009. A press release from Absolutely Kosher says, "The album is schedule[d] for release in late spring. And by 'scheduled,' we mean... fingers crossed."

And while this announcement doesn't exactly reek of confidence, the band have at least proved they're working on new material, with the single "Pulled Fences," which was recently recorded live at London's Abbey Road Studios for the satellite radio show WorldSpace Sessions. A download of the brand new track is now available to purchase at the Wrens' new website, as well as through Absolutely Kosher and the other usual digital retailers.

Back on the album front though, well, fingers crossed.

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