Wolf Parade Take Us "Under Glass" with New Video

The track comes from their album 'Thin Mind'

BY Brock ThiessenPublished Apr 20, 2020

Wolf Parade are coming back into our lives to remind us of their Thin Mind by giving us a video to the album's "Under Glass."

The clip recently premiered on Episode One Podcast charity stream with ChapoFYM on Twitch. The streaming event was used to raise funds for the Restaurant Workers' Community Foundation, but if you missed out on it, you can now catch the "Under Glass" video now. 

The clip was directed by Caleb Bardgett and Johnny Dunn and stars Keegan Kruse. It also features some wild special effects makeup from Cig Neutron.

Watch the results of the "Under Glass" video below.

In a statement, Wolf Parade's Dan Boecker explained, "'Under Glass' is inspired by Canada's greatest cultural export: David Cronenberg. The protagonist sits in isolation, their only joy in life is plugging in a bioport and interfacing with a psychedelic PS1 hellscape where they are loved and adored. Their body decays. They're smiling."

Co-directors Jonny Dunn and Caleb Bardgett, meanwhile, had the following to say:

We worked with Dan last year on some really cool videos for one of his other projects, and so naturally we jumped at the chance to jam with the Wolf Parade boys on this video for 'Under Glass." We looked at Brian Yuzna's SOCIETY and Cronenberg as spiritual references for the visuals, and theme-wise, the band wanted to tap into some end-of-times / isolation / addicted-to-screens stuff… This was mid-2019, preceding our eventual quarantine so it's all more eerily-relevant now, seeing as how we're all pretty alone and isolated, becoming very pale and more jacked-in.
We really wanted to nail the body horror, which meant we needed a practical special FX master…but didn't know anyone ourselves.  We hit up a buddy of ours, Eric Skodis, who knows all about that world, and he referred us to a genius named Cig Neutron, who turned out to be the absolute perfect brain for making the best and grossest oozy stuff we could imagine. We shot the video all in one day at Cig's studio, with Thaddeus Bridwell as DP.

Keegan Kruse starred as our logged-on lonely video freak and was such a sport. He had to wear the make up all day, and it took him another half day just to peel all of the latex and make-up off of his face. We couldn't be happier to see the video finally come out in a world where all of us are now trapped inside, living "Under Glass."


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