Winnipeg's Booter Announce Debut Album '10/10'

Listen to lead single "Call Me Upset"

BY Allie GregoryPublished Jul 13, 2022

Winnipeg rock quartet Booter have announced plans for their debut album 10/10, arriving September 9 via Midwest Debris.

After sharing the album's lead single "Crushin'" last month, they've returned with another new track, "Call Me Upset," which "explores being a crutch for someone you'd rather not be a crutch for anymore."

"There are songs on this album that are clearly gay," lead singer and guitarist Alannah Walker said in a statement. "As more music has started coming out in the last few years where you can tell artists are queer from a lyrical standpoint, that was something that definitely inspired me."

Walker continued: "When we first started playing 'Call Me Upset' as a band we all sort of instantly knew we had something cool on our hands. The record is filled with these pretty quick-paced sugar-coated rock songs whereas CMU has this minimal, almost laid-back feeling that you can really lean into."

Produced by Cam Loepkky and mastered by Philip Shaw Bova, the 13-track record is the first project from the newly formed quartet led by Walker (one-half of indie-pop duo Cannon Bros), rounded out by Tunic frontman David Schellenberg on bass, drummer Ian Ellis and guitarist Brendon Yarish.

Listen to "Call Me Upset" below, where you'll find the album's tracklisting.


1. In Control
2. Time Warp
3. Call Me Upset
4. Seventeen
5. Anywhere I Go
6. Hard to Hold
7. 10/10
8. Crushin'
9. Your Rock
10. Breezy
11. Island Vibes
12. Know Completely
13. The Most

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