A Wilhelm Scream Mute Print

From gorgeously morbid artwork through gut-wrenchingly dark lyrical content, Mute Print’s sinister soul is veiled behind impressive pop song structures and three-part harmonies. While Nuno Pereira’s vocal delivery may be a little too throaty and coarse to be considered "pop” in any true sense, there remains a distinctly poppy melodic feel to all 11 songs on this record. Yet another testament to the amazing sounds emerging from producer Bill Stevenson’s (Descendents, All) studio, the feel of tracks such as "Famous Friends and Fashion Drunks” allows the intricate guitar interplay to be heard loud and clear. Occasionally blasting into moments of true Maiden-inspired genius, the guitar work on Mute Print manages to ride a fine line between showmanship and true musicianship. Recalling the trashy punk of such bands as Propagandhi and Hot Water Music, A Wilhelm Scream have managed to take an old sound and make it their own. (Nitro)