Wilco Announce New 'Schmilco' Album

Wilco Announce New 'Schmilco' Album
After recently popping back up in our lives with the new song "Locator," Wilco have revealed they have more up their sleeve — a lot more.

The band have announced that they will be following up last year's Star Wars LP with another new full-length. This one will be called Schmilco and see release on September 9 via the band's own dBpm.

The record is already up for pre-order on iTunes, and Wilco have shared another new song from the record called "If I Ever Was a Child." You can hear it below via Spotify, and pre-orders will get you the song as a download now.

Down below you can see the new album's tracklist, and that's its artwork up above, done by Joan Cornellà.


1. Normal American Kids
2. If I Ever Was a Child
3. Cry All Day
4. Common Sense
5. Nope
6. Someone to Lose
7. Happiness
8. Quarters
9. Locator
10. Shrug and Destroy
11. We Aren't the World (Safety Girl)
12. Just Say Goodbye