Why Shouldn't "Weird Al" Yankovic Get an Oscar Nomination for 'Weird: The Al Yankovic Story'?

"I've been begging, begging the Roku Channel for months to make [the film] eligible"

BY Megan LaPierrePublished Oct 28, 2022

Exclaim! gave parodist parody Weird: The Al Yankovic Story a very respectable 7/10 score, and Daniel Radcliffe's jacked-as-hell embodiment of "Weird Al" Yankovic is the epitome of reverence.

And while that normally might not quite be enough to warrant a bid for Academy Awards consideration, in this case, why the hell not? Yankovic himself sings about it on "Now You Know," his original song for the film's end credits, manifesting that Best Original Song nomination in earnest.

Unfortunately, as it currently stands, Weird is not eligible for Oscar nomination; according to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences bylines, a movie must play in a "commercial motion picture theatre" in one of six major cities to qualify.

This means that line about hoping for the Best Original Song award he more than deserves in "Now You Know" is just another slight exaggeration of truth in the larger-than-life biopic. Well, kind of — Yankovic has apparently been literally begging the Roku Channel, where the movie is set to stream, to make it meet the Oscar nomination criteria.

In a new interview with Yahoo! Entertainment, the polka enthusiast shared his best-laid plan to make Weird eligible, and his yet unsuccessful pitches to Roku to make it happen.

"I've been begging, begging the Roku Channel for months to make it eligible, which all that would involve is letting it play in a theatre in L.A. for one week," Yankovic explained to journalist Lyndsey Parker. "They do not want to do that because — here's the logic; I don't quite agree with it — they said that they would rather have a Creative Arts Emmy than an Oscar, because they're in the TV business, not the music movie business."

He continued, "Believe me, I've tried, but they've put their foot down, so it's not actually going be Oscar-eligible. But… maybe an Emmy! We'll see."

An Emmy is not enough, the world needs "Weird Al" Yankovic to take the first post-slap Oscars by storm. Plus, his red carpet drip would be next-level.

Yankovic added, "It's amazing to me and gratifying that, on top of the fans' reaction, [Weird] is actually getting great critical reviews. I think it's 93 percent on Rotten Tomatoes right now — which is not shabby." Reviewer Alex Hudson is lowballing you, Al!

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