White Stripes' Canadian Tour Immortalized As Ultra-Deluxe Box Set

White Stripes' Canadian Tour Immortalized As Ultra-Deluxe Box Set
Back in 2007, the White Stripes tore up Canada with one of the most unique tours our country has ever seen. From their performance on a bus in Winnipeg to jamming with locals in Nunavut and playing an infamous one-note concert, the band drew a lot of attention.

The whole tour was captured in the film Under the Great White Northern Lights. If you weren't lucky enough to take it in at the Toronto International Film Festival earlier this year, you'll be happy to know that the DVD will be available this March.

The DVD will come in a number of packs, most importantly in an incredibly deluxe, limited-edition box set. If you're lucky enough to snag the box, it will include the film on DVD, a DVD of the White Stripes' tenth anniversary celebration called Under Nova Scotian Lights, a live seven-inch, a 16-track live album on both vinyl and CD, a silk-screen print and a 208-page photo book with a forward by Jim Jarmusch.

The deluxe box set will be available for pre-order here tomorrow (December 11). If it's pre-ordered before January 1, fans will also receive three MP3s and a holiday card from the band as an extra bonus.

The DVD and live album will also be available on their own on March 16, with the book coming out in April.