Weezer Share 'Summer' Single "Records" — but There's a Twist

Listeners will need to use their phone to become a "human record player"

BY Alex HudsonPublished Jun 17, 2022

It's almost the summer solstice, and you know what that means: Weezer are about to release a new EP in their SZNZ series. Following March's Spring, Weezer have now shared Summer's single "Records" — although there's a twist.

Rather than simply release the single through the usual digital channels, Weezer have shared "Records" through something they're calling the "human record player." This basically transforms your phone into a digital turntable, where you press your finger down like a needle and then spin your body in order to spin the record. It's a very literal interpretation of the song's lyrics about listening to records.

The tricky format makes it difficult to listen to the song without glitches and interruptions (but anyone who gets frustrated can find a stream on YouTube without too much difficulty).

Give "Records" a try at humanrecordplayer.com. The song has also appeared within the game Fortnite; see footage shared by Weezer below.

That's SZNZ: Summer's cover artwork up above. It comes out June 21.

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