Ween Live in Chicago

It was a definite no-brainer to release a concert DVD of one of the most impressive live acts working today in any type of music. That it took until now for this to happen is a mystery worthy of the X-Files, but Ween have finally righted that wrong with Live in Chicago. Clocking in at just under two hours, it's a little on the short side for these marathon performers, but it still satisfies the craving. The sound is great, and the multiple camera angles and cuts take the DVD light years beyond previously available bootlegs. Deaner puts a floor camera to good effect by making it the focus of some smoking guitar solo freak-outs, and even keyboardist Glenn McClelland gets a slick little keyboard solo that segues into "Even If You Don't." Live in Chicago was recorded at the end of 2003 as part of their tour for Quebec, so don't expect much pre-Chocolate & Cheese, and they hardly even do any of their hits. No "Push Th' Little Daisies," "Freedom of '76" or even "Bananas & Blow," but they do slide in a few classic oldies like "Doctor Rock" and "She Fucks Me" during the less structured final portion of the concert. Sadly, much of that gets left off the bonus audio CD of the show that accompanies the DVD. But really, how often is that going to get played anyway? The only disappointment here is how meagre the extras are on this release. Sure, there's alternative takes (in other words, fancier editing) for "Voodoo Lady," "Mutilated Lips" and "The Blarney Stone," but the only real bonus is a pretty trippy animated video for "Transdermal Celebration." Ween fans will already own Live in Chicago by the time this is printed. For everyone else, consider this an opportunity to witness a great band doing what they do best while you get to rest comfortably in the safety of your living room. Plus: alternate takes of three songs and a video for "Transdermal Celebration." (Sanctuary/BMG) (Coming Home)