Watch Sweeping Promises Play a Full Set on 'The Best Show'

Photo: Shawn Brackbill

BY Sydney BrasilPublished Oct 4, 2023

Sweeping Promises — the Lawrence, KS-based post-punks often heard through the speakers of the Exclaim! office — made an appearance on The Best Show with Tom Scharpling this week.

Their six-song set was comprised of tracks from this year's Good Living Is Coming for You: "Eraser," "Hunger for a Way Out," the titular track, "You Shatter," "Ideal No," and "Connoisseur of Salt."

Another clip from their appearance shows band members Lira Monday, Caufield Schnug and Spenser Gralla talking about the "storied" post-punk history of their home base of Lawrence. Sharpling impressed them with his knowledge of the scene's history out there. The band also talked about the cost-effectiveness of living there, recording in Caufield's parents' bathroom and more. Watch the interview clip and set below, and find the whole episode on Patreon.

Sweeping Promises are currently on a world tour, and they made stops in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal this summer. Revisit our review of their Toronto show

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