Warren G

The G Files

BY Neil AcharyaPublished Sep 27, 2009

It's been 15 years since Warren G released the commercially successful Regulate... G-Funk Era. Now, almost four years on the nose since his last solo release, he's back with The G Files, the sixth LP from the slick rapper/producer from the LBC. The first track on the album, "The West is Back," showcases Warren G the producer, as opposed to Warren G the rapper. Featured artists Halla and Lucc big-up the left coast, laying down their vocals over the distinctive instrumentation that comprises the sound that's become synonymous with the West Coast. All 14 tracks are produced by Warren G, save one. For those seeking the best example of the G- funk sound, "Suicide," featuring RBX, is it. The high synth is immediately identifiable and takes hold of the listener as it undulates. There are three very conscious and heartfelt tracks in which Warren G takes ownership of this album. In "Hold On" and "What's Wrong," he stands out as a veteran with a sagacious voice. Warren doesn't have the most outstanding verse on "Masquerade" but the inclusion of a track commenting on hip-hop as art versus a shallow commercial pursuit is valued. The G Files is equally, if not more, a credit to Warren G's talent as a producer as to his skills as an MC. As easy as it is for him to create something light-hearted, Warren G can employ that same skill set and turn the morose into easy listening.

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