The Warped 45s Move Forward with Matador Sunset

The Warped 45s Move Forward with <i>Matador Sunset</i>
As recently reported, Toronto-based roots rockers the Warped 45s are returning today (May 31) with their second full-length album, Matador Sunset. The record follows 2009's well-received 10 Day Poem for Saskatchewan and, according to the band and their production team, shows them making a natural and upbeat evolution.

"When we first started making demos of the songs last fall, I started to get a sense that this album was going to be more uptempo, more electric and heavier," producer John Critchley (Dan Mangan, Elliott Brood, 13 Engines) tells Exclaim! "The band and I wanted to capture more of that energy evident when they are playing live and are cutting loose."

Recording Matador Sunset with the Warped 45s at Critchley's Green Door Studios in Toronto, the producer (who also was behind 10 Day Poem) says he's proud of the results, calling the sophomore effort "a natural progression from their last album. It shows that they are willing to keep moving forward, while keeping their natural honesty."

The gap between albums has been short, but as Dave McEathron, the Warped 45s' principal songwriter, explains, "We don't see any real benefit to waiting. We said all along that we hoped to have an album out every two years, or just whenever we felt we had enough songs... Having multiple songwriters in the band [such as cousin Ryan Wayne McEathron] means that we are able to choose from a wider variety of songs when it comes time to recording an album."

Much of the Warped 45s appeal is thanks to the evocative imagery of Dave McEathron's lyrics, which have drawn plenty of attention from critics and fans alike. "It is very gratifying when people sing my lyrics back to me, even when they're wrong," he says. "I still know a song has to have melody, energy, a dynamic and a good beat, or I'd be playing solo still, writing ten-minute songs."

Helping the Warped 45s tour the country extensively in support of their first album was the 2009 NXNE Fan Choice Award, for this $10,000 windfall bought them a van. They're now eagerly anticipating more road work, as Ryan Wayne McEathron says, "Touring gives you a focused opportunity to work on your weaknesses and hone your strengths, both individually and as a group, while learning to adapt to different settings and being fortunate enough to learn from other great artists along the way. The opportunity for five ordinary guys to get to experience such extraordinary adventures is a blessing."

His views on touring are echoed by Dave McEathron. "There is still nothing else I want to do, and I feel like I now fully know what I'm saying. We want to play to bigger crowds at festivals. It really is different to be in front of 1,000 people, it's a hell of a rush."

And the Warped 45s will get plenty of road time, as they've lined up an extensive cross-Canada tour in support of Matador Sunset. Down below, you can see the complete schedule, as well as stream and download the single "Grampa Carl" below. Matador Sunset is due out today on Pheromone Recordings.

Tour dates:

6/3 Toronto, ON - The Horseshoe Tavern
6/4 Ottawa, ON - Elmdale House Tavern
6/8 Thunder Bay, ON - The Office/Crocks
6/11 Golden, BC - The Rockwater Grill and Bar
6/13 Revelstoke, BC - The Big Eddy Pub
6/15 Vancouver, BC - The Railway Club
6/16 Victoria, BC - Logan's Pub
6/17 Duncan, BC - Duncan's Garage Showroom
6/18 Courtenay, BC - Joe's Garage
6/19 Nanaimo, BC - The Queens Hotel
6/22 Coleman, AB - Blackbird Coffee House
6/23 Twin Butte, AB - Twin Butte General Store
6/24 Lethbridge, AB - The Slice Bar and Grill
6/25 Calgary, AB - Ironwood Stage & Grill
6/26 Waterton Lakes National Park, AB - Vimy's (Waterton Lakes Lodge Resort)
6/27 Stoney Plain, AB - Early Stage Saloon
6/28 Edmonton, AB - The Haven Social
6/29 Saskatoon, SK - Buds on Broadway
6/30 Winnipeg, MB - Times Changed High and Lonesome Club
7/1-2 Dauphin, MB - Dauphin's Countryfest 2011
7/3 Winnipeg. MB- StuDome
7/15-17 Big River, SK - Ness Creek Music Festival
8/2 Montreal, QC - Divan Orange
8/6 Halifax, NS - The Seahorse Tavern
8/13 Guelph, ON - Sunlight Music Festival
8/20 Aylmer, ON - 17th Annual Fred Eaglesmith Charity Picnic

The Warped 45s - Grampa Carl by killbeatmusic