Warlocks Rise And Fall

The Warlocks achieve new heights in modern psychedelia with this moody and hypnotic entry. Taking some cues from label-mates the Brian Jonestown Massacre, this California quintet takes you on an hour-long journey through eight songs that are the musical equivalent of a lonely ride through the desert on a cool, starry night. The record starts with a 13-minute instrumental track that's vaguely reminiscent of "The End," by the Doors, while two of the other songs sound like they'd fit in on the Repo Man soundtrack - dreamy, wistful numbers that you'd want to hear when your car was getting pulled up into a UFO. They also redo "Song For Nico," which appeared on their self-titled debut. This record shows a progression to a more polished and distinct sound than the first one, and even though it isn't as raw, it still holds you in its cloudy grasp from start to finish. (Bomp)