Various Get While The Getting's Good

Aufgeladen & Bereit is not a record label that feels obliged to transverse geographical boundaries. While it wouldn’t be unusual for them to feature some artists from other countries, they’ve filled their roster exclusively with bands from Scotland. So it shouldn’t really be a surprise that their first compilation follows suit. Get While The Getting’s Good, taking its name from an Orange Juice song, is a relatively comprehensive cross-section of the Scottish indie music scene in that it mixes well established bands with less well known folks and doesn’t limit itself to the admittedly classic jangle-y pop that the nation does so well. While there are the obvious highlights from the likes of Camera Obscura and Future Pilot A.K.A., the real accolades should go to the very trippy Found, the very poppy Tibi Lubin and very drunk poet Jock Scot, all of whom stand out in their own way. There really aren’t too many weak moments, so there’s very little to complain about with Get While The Getting’s Good. If the label had managed to coax some original material from the bigger bands, this could have turned out to be a must-have rather than just a very good, above average compilation. (Aufgeladen & Bereit)