Various The Best of Taste of Chaos Vol. 2

Couldn’t make it to the year’s biggest alt-rock show in a city near you? Well, Warcon has provided the solution. This two-disc release is a great representation of the Taste Of Chaos tour, including 38 tracks from some of the currently most popular names in punk and metal. The opening track, Underoath's "In Regards To Myself,” can only be taken as a sign of good things to come. While the majority of songs may be popular predominantly amongst scenesters and Taking Back Sunday fans, there is quite a lot of variety, including up-and-coming metal acts such as Dragonforce, Job for a Cowboy, Protest the Hero and Walls of Jericho. So, if you weren’t able to catch the intensity of all your favourite bands onstage, don't fret, simply go pick this up. (Warcon)